We’ve entered an age of transformation.
An age where increased citizen activism demands action from governments and organisations to address climate change and the interconnected crises. Consumer demand for sustainable product solutions is rising, with growing evidence that people are looking to brands to assist them in making the right choices. This is not just about the next big innovation but our small everyday choices.
The gap between the will to change and the speed of change calls for collective action. This equally applies to the fashion industry. We are at a tipping point, and the pressure is on all of us to act. BetterChoice’s mission is to fast-forward progress towards a sustainable fashion industry with a tool that bridges the intention-action gap, for both consumers and businesses.

Empowering Sustainable behaviour for business and consumers

BetterChoice® is a Danish startup, founded by Marie Engberg and Anne Marie Mondrup.

Born out of our previous company (a marketplace for sustainable brands and products, pivoted into BetterChoice in 2023), BetterChoice® is a data-driven tool empowering sustainable behaviour for business and consumers.

We are backed by the early-stage VC, Antler, and a group of highly experienced and acclaimed business angels, private investors and advisors who are committed to sustainability, and specialise in environmental and social impact, leadership, scale-up, and go-to-market strategies.

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